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Welcome to The Parent Program

Expert parenting resources, tools and tips
 made easy accessible
15 weeks of exciting information, audios and exercises
At no cost to parents! To sign up please email: )

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Information about The Parent Program

The Parent Program, your path to your family's happiness and success.
Some say it reads like a parenting magazine. Loaded with tips and tools combined with daily exercises and a supportive step by step process to make it work in your own family!

The tools
apply to all ages, but mostly parents of children in kindergarten, elementary to pre-teen, access the program so far. It provides tools for instant success as much as for building a long term successful family. 

9 proven attitudes, 26 researched skills, tools and insights are explained with over 130 practical examples.
It combines the depth of a parenting book with the ease and immediate experience of learning in your own home, with your kids and spouse/partner.
It educates more effectively than a live parenting program/event.
You will master all of these, in 15 minutes a day? Yes you will. And your investment will turn into more time, better sleep, less conflict and more. 

In the comfort of your home, at your time and pace.
Learning to parent in your pj's? 
With your coffee in hand and right there when you need it and can access it?
24/7 accessible, so yes, you can do it any time, anywhere you want!

Parenting advice fit for all: parenting teens, toddlers, school age kids 
or as a parenting grandparent. 

Want to be more relaxed, reduce stress and increase your family's happiness?

Not only will you feel better about yourself, more effective, a better communicator and problem solver, so will the rest of your family.
With tools that will help them for a life time.
And all of that in 15 minutes a day.


The Parent Program is a step-by-step process designed to give you bits of information and tools to work with and master, so you can truly be ready for the next part, instead of an overload that goes lost.

If you would like a glimpse at what a week looks like, click on one of the following links that take you to pages where you can download them. Be aware that you are getting them out of context and order. When you follow the program, they will mean more to you as they build on the last step, and those before then. To sign up please email: ) and receive an email with access to all 15 weeks of the program.

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Comments from  Parents

"I am just amazed at how things have changed in our household
 it's like a huge calm has come over us all.
So wonderful to experience.

Thank-you from the bottom of my heart.
Tina Mullen

" The Parent Program is so much more than a 
parenting tool. It teaches and reminds us of all that is important. 
It will center you and help
you focus on building stronger 
relationships in all
aspects of your life�  
    Becky Kendall  

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Sexy Mom Expert Alana Pratt
Alana and Wouter discuss with passion
that topic most parents dread:

Talking to your kids about sex


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Program snapshot

The Parent Program�
15 minutes per day:
program snapshot

15 weekly emails connecting you to:
30 minutes of reading p/w
10 minutes of audio p/w
15 minutes of daily exercises 

Topics include:
Open Communication 

Active Listening

Understanding Behavior

Dealing with Defensiveness

 Being Partners in Parenting

Conflict Resolution

    Family Decision Making       
Rules and Boundaries 

    Discipline and Natural 
  Self Care for Parents

The Parent Program� 
will help you master 
positive parenting attitudes 
and tools in easy steps. 
You will immediately start to act 
to achieve what you want.

You will discover and master 
the power of

The Win-Win Parent
The Coaching Parent
The Big Picture Parent
The Learning Parent
The Positive Parent
The Eye Check
Active Listening 

and much more.

You will create your own 
Family Framework
and take the time to achieve 
your personal goals,
while you are parenting. 

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Program Overview